Monday, August 10, 2009

Scavengers & Greenstuff

So here are a few piccies of the changes i made to the other 8 GZG Ravagers. I found that what was hard in painting 15's well, were faces. So i greenstuffed some maskes and goggles on these guys to cover the shame of my fledgling painting.

I also buffed up the guns a bit by styling assault rifles, machine pistols and SMG's. This extra fire power will help the faction survive against some of the other nasties that will be crawling out of the wasteland.

Depending on how these guys turn out when i paint them, i may even go back and strip the first ravagers i did to uniform them all a bit.

I've done face masks and gun buffing before on 28's, but the goggles and magazines are a new endeavor. It all wasn't quite as hard as i expected, so i may be a bit more adventurous with my other factions.

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