Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comparison Shots!

Got some more minis from GZG and Splintered Light. Veyr happy with the quality of course. I have found the Splintered Light minis are made from a bit of a softer alloy than the GZG stuff.

Left to right; SLM Dark Elf, GZG 'Firefly', GZG Ravager, SLM 'Firefly.

Left to right; SLM 'Firefly', Eureka Sci-fi German, SLM 'Firefly', GZG 'Firefly.

Left to right; SLM 'Firefly, GZG 'Firefly, GZG Ravager, SLM 'Archer Collection' Rogue.

Left to right; SLM Vampire Lord, Eureka Sci-Fi German, SLM Minotaur, GZG Ravager.

Left to right; SLM Dark Elf, SLM Orc, GZG Ravager, SLM Vampire Lord,

Left to right; SLM Minotaur, GZG Ravager, SLM 'Archer Collection' Rogue, SLM Bugbear.


  1. Thanks for the comparisons pics. It's always nice to see how figs scale up.


  2. Nice work! Very much appreciated! Are you going to rework the Dark Elf for your sci fi games??

  3. The fanatasy stuff is for the D&D games i'm playing. I greenstuffed a cloak and did a hand swap to turn her into a Elf Ranger.

  4. But hell! That Dark Elf would make an interesting Post Apoc warrior. Thanks for the idea.

  5. So I have totally noob sounding question here. What does the SLM stand for? I've seen minis with SLMXXX where the x's are numbers, and am curious as to the meaning of both. Thanks for helping if you can :) I've gamed for years but my group was more free-form with an emphasis on the role-playing. Now I am in a new location, and it seems many gamers here are combat oriented, full on battle map mini style gamers. Yet no one could answer this for me either, though I suspect the answer is both simple and obvious. Sweet mary jane, I am rambling... Kthnxbai :)