Sunday, August 9, 2009

Billy Hughes and the Buckaroos

I must admit i was hoping these guys would come out looking a bit better. But i'm happy with my second attempt at painting 15's.

The guy on the left is Billy Hughes. His group of scavangers are the best out of all the other smaller groups that come to the DC to find expensive luxury items and other nessesities that they sell and barter back at Babalon City out in the wastes.

Only the hardest of scavengers make their way into the Dead City. The Aryanriech regular patrols or the Super-mutants are a constant danger to those seeking an important find. Billy Hughes and his Buckaroos are one of those scavenger factions with the training and the tech to make it in and out alive. They are almost reaching radier status, but would never dare to try and take the territory that The Wolf Pack have carved out for themselves.

I have some vehicles lined up for this faction in the form of a '69 Camero that i'll fix a minigun to. A '80s Swat vehicle, and an old looking '50s pickup. I have 8 more of these fantastic GZG Ravagers to paint, and i may try my hand at some conversions seeing that they are exact doubles of the 8 i have just painted.

I think next on the agenda is to plough through some terrain before doing the last 8 and finishing of the vehicles for the scavengers and the Aryanriech vault. Step by step i'm getting closer to that promised Batrep.


  1. Very, very nice. What Brown are you using? An effective leather colour.


  2. Ah the brown. Its a mix of Mechrite red, bestial brown and black.

  3. Nice! Looking forward to your Batrep for these guys!