Monday, August 17, 2009

Scavengers Final

After stripping the first lot i painted i decided to try my hand at the second paint scheme again. When doing the greenstuff for the googles and guns i found that detail i put in them was too small once painted over. I had to make the holes in the visors much more pronounced.

I didn't use Devlen Mud on these guys. I re-learnt the drybrushing technique and block painted the final highlight to get rid of some of the graininess that dry brushing leaves.

So these are much more high-tech Scavengers, not short of 2150. This crew's success would owe to the prime gear they've found over the years. Their transport is going to be aged however. Very much so, compared to the Aryanriech's Drop ship i'll post next.

Over all i've really enjoyed these models. Very intricate. And can't wait to get my brush onto the Space Crew and New NAC Marines from GZG, to see how they compare to thier Ravagers. They could with less detail and still be fantastic mini's.

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  1. Some neat & effective conversions there and a some very nice painting. I like the way your colours have given the gang a consistent look, whilst still looking like individuals. Nice one!