Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Multi-Story Office Block

Doing projects for 15's is so satisfying. I had put off finishing this building to some painting, and overall the construction didn't take that long.

There were a couple of unplanned cuts to the thumb, but a drop of super glue closed them up nice and quickly.

This building is one of the more intact structures of DC 2150. I think on the hole i want my the city to be more of an abandoned place than a completely shell shocked ruins.

I'm yet to see how these different floors and rooms will come in handing when playing games in this enviroment. As i've previously mentioned holing up in rooms is a fairly good tactic if the Aryanriech or Super-Muntants are hell bent on eradicating every single person in your team.

Before i paint this multi-story and the three other buildings i'll make a couple more at least. Next on the list for terrain is a warehouse with parking lot and store front.

At some point i'll be needing something to base these buildings on. Some kind of MDF or plasticard should fit the bill. I'd prefer of course to find something cheap and that i don't need power tools to cut, seeing as i have none.


  1. Do you have any other wasteland terrain? just found your blog the other day always liked the idea of POST-APOCALYPTIC style, might give those 15mm you mentioned a go, I do have a few laserburn ones bit the qualitys not amazing...

  2. No actual wasteland terrain as yet except for the dirty city. I've finished the majority of the buildings now and will have pics soon.

  3. Excellent buildings. Adding walls to block out rooms is an excellent way to make your interior terrain work for you. Gives it more of a story element.

    You might add a piece of machinery (furnace, Injection Molding equipment, Forklift) as additional blockage or fluff without having to put in all the furniture.

    Another way of implying furniture is to have the place fire-gutted and take slivers of wood and burn them, placing the cinder/remnants onto the floor.