Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some finished vehicles

Finished product for the Aryianreich dropship. A conversion of GZG's Mantis. The company now has the Cochroach dropship which would have been a bit nicer i think. But i'm happy with my little conversion. The Automated Slave System or A.S.S. is a response to the Buckaroos and other factions commandering manned vehicles. With out the proper codes which the squad leader and his second possess, A.S.S. won't operate, and will return to the Nazi enclave. Next thing for the Neo-nazis will be some sort of land vehicle. I still have the drone which is a WIP so i may be happy with that for now. And i'd like to get working on some of the other factions.

This one below is a Buckaroo vehicle, the 80's SWAT car. The Buckeroos that get their weapons from the New Eden enclave don't get vehicle funding from them. This vehicle was probably stolen from the Riech. A good addition for the gang that have had to make do with some anachronistic transport.

Below, inspired by the 'Corpse Grinder' and other wasteland cruisers. "The Bitch" is the Buckeroos quick response vehicle. It doesn't take many passengers so the better gangmembers get thier ride in it. I modelled the paint job on a car from a fairly recent film, anyone know which one?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dead City 2150; Lay of the Land

So i put all the buildings i'm working together to get some idea of what i'll need to do. With the buildings covering most of the 3'x 3' table, i think i've got enough till i want something new. The next thing to figure out are roads and trafic Islands.

I'll put a round about where the orange bucket thing is. And a sort of traffic island where the pouches of tobbacco are. Where you can see the bases are much larger than the buildings, i'll be putting in car parks. Except for one side of the Condo Block, that will have an urban park or corporate garden.


I wanted a different type of building to break up the D.C. a bit. A challenge from one of the moderators' on the Post Apoc Wargame Forum got me to think of this one.

I'll be making a corrogated iron roof for this that will be able to lift off in the fashion of the other buildings.

There will be some stairs to come also, with a balcony looking over the inside of the warehouse. Also an outside platfrom on this side to. The truck will be a part of the building, fixed to the base. I'll leave the forklift rusted and still operable for some in-game impromtu fun.

Ruined/Abandoned Buildings update

I thought it was about time for this. And after having a bit of a break from the hobby, i'm keen to get my creative juices going again.

The ones i've made so far have been fully painted. I used a wood stain to give them the very dirty look. Wouldn't mind doing some graffiti also.

The condo/corp block needs a bit more of the wood stain i think. I'll get to that once i do some of the detritus that will be around the buildings bases.

And a bit of a group shot!