Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ruined Buildings

This is the start i've made for the buildings of DC 2150. I wanted to keep in line with the Blog title picture.
I'll be making most of the buildings with detachable levels and some rooms inside. They'll be places for players to hide and hole up. With the 5150 rule set, holing up inside a room is a very effective tactic, Players making an assult on the room will have to use grenades or flash bangs if they don't want to get slaughtered.
I used 4mm foam core or poster board which is very easy to cut out quickly. The window and door frames and achetroves seemed essential to give a realistic feel to the buildings. Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. I like what I've read of your blog so far. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

    Great buildings. You've done a good job there!

    5150? Ooooh! I carry too much baggage to use the 'one true rules'. LOL!



  2. Curious to hear how 5150 works for your P.A. games. I've looked into 5150 but never played it.

  3. I'll post a Batrep with my 28's soon. A Vault raid by savages using the 5150 rules. Since the release of CR 3.0, i'll up grade some of the reation checks. They will be a completely custom job for my Post-Apoc games.

    For 15's i'll just convert ranges from inches to centimeters. Tune into the same Bat-Bhannel for it for that one