Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reason for Blogging

Why the Blog?

Everyone's doing it! But i 've never done one before. I have recently found a love for the 15mm scale and found other peoples blogs on Blogspot very helpful. So i've been inspired by the blogs i follow and hope i can help people getting into this very satisfiying scale of wargaming.

I'm also predicting that providing updates here will help me to stay on track just as updating in forums has been working for me.

Why 15's over well established 28's or 25's?

- Less Costly.
- Less time to create a project. As in less time to paint squads, less time to create terrain.
- It's a good time to get into 15's, there are a few great companies on the rise, which i'll be sure to point out to everyone.
- More playing area on the same size table.
- After 40K burnout a complete change is quite refreshing.

I also play D&D RPG fantasy with miniatures and find it very hard to keep up the painting compared to the encounters. So it looks like i'll be converting that genre to 15's also.

Why the Post-Apocalyptic setting?

It's someone elses fault really. This underappreciated wargame setting is finding great representation at this site.

The PA genre provides a rich soup from which to create many sorts of factions and game mechanics including high-tech, low-tech, mutants, aliens, magic or psychic powers. It also provides ample chance to try your hand at conversions for vehicles and the mini's themselves.

So with a bit of creative story telling you can use just about any genre of minature in your PA world and put them in factions ready to fight to the death in a harsh world of survivalism.

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  1. Really looking forward to following your site.
    I'm a recent convert to 15mm myself, and have always loved the P.A. genre! I've been tempted to do 15mm P.A. ever since I found Superfigs Thundarr the Barbarian in 15mm!