Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comparison Shots!

I've always found these shots to be very helpful to me. They are as precious as gold when looking for prospective mini's to buy, or you're getting into a new scale.

From left to right there are; GZG Alien Mercs, GZG Ravagers x2, Eureka Sci-Fi Germans, Rebel Mini's Sahadeen, GZG Light EVA suits.

I'll be using the Alien Mercs as Super-Mutants. The Ravagers as resourceful Scavengers. The Sci-Fi Germans for Aryanriech Enclave. The Sahadeen as Raiders. And the Light EVA Suits for New Eden Enclave. You'll notice the Enclave troops have fully enclosed suits to prtect them from all sorts of enviromental hazards. The other factions how ever a re limited to areas in the setting of DC 2150 that are rad free if they are careful, or unless they have sufficient meds and luck to avoid rad sickness. The Super-Mutants are, of course, impervious to most enviromental factors.


  1. I find that the SC-fi Germans suffer in height comparison due to Eureka's incredibly thin base. A little bit of build-up on the basing material brings them eye to eye with most others.


  2. Yeah. I think i'll add another washer.