Monday, January 18, 2010

Building completion.

It's been a while since my last post, but i've been enjoying many of the other bloggs as people snap and type away.

This year i've decided to be a bit more decisive with my time and industrious. Just like many other gamers i can flit from project to project and not finish any one thing. So this terrain is the first example of me "knuckling down" on my whimsy.

I did have other planes to do complete and "proper" modeling for this terrain. Namely detritus and junk filling up some of the space of the buildings. But executing the concept and not mention, getting started, became a problem. After seeing Vampifan and Veloci's examples of World Works terrain i decided, why not?

Now, i've never had a realy good track record with terrain and i've left many pieces unfinished because i can never get the effect i'm after. But after my purchase of sdome of the World Works sets i got down to it. I think in the end a shaved a great deal of time of this project and most likely got a better looking result had i gone for my original vision.

So here are the fruits of my very brief labour and there is more to follow shortly. Comment and criticism is welcome as when the buidings are put together they won't look quite like the photo i've been using for the Dead City blog. I hope i have given the impression of an abandoned city with enough attraction for the scavengers of the wasteland.


  1. Wow, that's great....
    I would like to do something similar but at the moment I make just little pieces of scenary.
    You can see some on my blog:


  2. Very nice building and ticks the "Box" of being something you can play through, rather than just a static terrain blob (which most of my buildings are!). I do have a resin building with floors but this looks more accessible and better looking!